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Frankenstein and Witch Paper Mache Some of my swap group wanted to see my Halloween tree full of my ornies, so I am posting a picture of it. The one item you must know about this tree is that I made it by hand about 9 years ago. Back then you couldn’t buy a feather tree, at least not in a price range I could afford. So the tree itself is very special to me because it took hundreds of hours to hand Halloween Ornaments wrap all those feathers around wires to create the branches. I bought my kit from Goose Feather Trees online.

We have three main spots in our house that are decorated. At the top of the page is a picture of the top of our entertainment center. (I know we still don’t have a flat screen TV, much to my husbands disappointment!) The next spot is on an end table that holds my feather tree during different holiday seasons. The last spot is across our mantel.

The kids are always excited when we bring out the decorations. It doesn’t matter what holiday is. Who doesn’t love to decorate with seasonal items?


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