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The Creative Connection Even

I attended The Creative Connection Event at the end of last week. What a fantastic place to go and to be inspired! The event was filled with creative people from a variety of craft areas. By the end my brain was overwhelmed with crafty goodness. Everyone there is friendly and open and wants to help their fellow crafter. What’s not to love about being surrounded by your own peeps?

The Creative Connection Wendy Addison The first day was BlogHer Handmade. So much information about blogging and crafts tied into a nice informational package. At breakfast we were greeted with the beautiful table display shown above. (Oh yes, another perk is all the swag you receive!) At lunch we heard from amazing keynote speakers. One of the speakers was Becky Higgins of Project Life fame. (I am currently doing Project Life in my own home.) She had an amazing talk as did Stacy Julian of Big Picture Classes. You can check out Becky’s video of The Creative Connection Event here.

I took two craft classes a day on Friday and Saturday. I took a lovely class from Wendy Addison  and Kaari Meng (The French General) and made a beautiful German Glass glittered egg and a lovely vintage looking bracelet.

In the afternoon I took a class from Charlotte Lyons. We worked on a cute textile banner that says “Home is Here.” Mine is not yet complete, but I am most definitely working on it! I sat for three hours with a great group of women. Our chatting while sewing reminded me of a quilting circle. So fun!

On Saturday morning my friend Colleen and I took the Button-Tufted Family Tree class from Wendy Smedley and Stacy Julian. We had a fun time in the class creating a great project. Again, my project is not quite complete, but I am working on it.

My last class of the event was the I Have An Idea – Vintage Canvas class taught by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club. We all had fun painting and making a mess, I mean creating. My canvas is not quite done because I wanted to do my lettering a little differently, but over on the left you can see I have an idea vintage canvas what mine looked like by the end of class.

I had a great time, met so many fantastic people and was inspired by not only all the people I met in my classes, but also by the vendors in the Handmade Market. Check out my list of vendors to visit below:

Handmade Market Vendors I Loved:

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