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Flower Girl Headband with Fabric Flowers

This fabric flower headband is perfect for a Flower Girl. All it takes is some strips of fabric and hot glue or thread to put it together.

How To | Flower Girl Headband with Fabric Flowers and Tulle


  • 2″ x 30″  Fabric Strips
  • Hot Glue or Needle and Thread
  • Pearl Beads
  • Tulle
  • Headband
  • E6000
  • Scissors
  • Clothes Pin

How To:

  1. Tie one end of the fabric strip into a loose knot. Use the knot as the flower’s center. (Pic. 1)
  2. Wrap the fabric strip around the knot in a spiral shape. To create more depth to the fabric you can twist the fabric at the same time. (Pic. 2 and 3)
  3. To hold the fabric in place you can either add dabs of hot glue as you wrap (I found this to be messy and to cause lots of glue strings) or tack the layers together with thread. As you build the outer layers of the spiral continue to tack together with thread or hot glue. (Pic. 4)
  4. When you are finished creating the spiral flower shape,  tuck the end of the fabric strip into the back of the flower. It’s okay if the back of your flowers look messy. (Pic. 5)
  5. Sew beads onto the center of your flowers. Add a piece of tulle by sewing it to the back of one of the flowers. (Pic. 6)
  6. Add a generous amount of E6000 glue to the headband where you want the flower. (I covered up the metal flower on the headband by placing one of the fabric flowers directly on top of it.) Use a clothes pin or two to hold the flower in place while it dries. Repeat for the second flower. (Pic. 7)

p.s. you can click on the images below to see them larger!


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