How To | Monster Mash-up Felt Face Activity

Halloween Craft Activity

I had an idea to use cheap craft felt to create this Halloween monster mash-up felt face activity for the kids. The activity is played on a 9×12 piece of felt, which is actually one side of the felt pocket where all the pieces are stored. This activity has inspired lots of giggles at our house in the past week as they made Dracula have hair bows, Frankenstein have a pumpkin mouth and the Witch girl have a mustache. (Below you can download the template for all the felt shapes.)

How To | Monster Mash-up Felt Face Activity


  • 9×12 sheet of green felt
  • 9×12 sheet of bright green felt
  • 9×12 sheet of orange felt
  • 9×12 sheet of black felt
  • 9×12 sheet of yellow felt
  • 9×12 sheet of purple felt
  • 9×12 sheet of white felt
  • 9×12 sheet of red felt
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

How To:

  1. Place whole sheet of green felt back-to-back with orange felt, wrong sides together. Use a sewing machine and sew around three sides to create a large pocket. (If you don’t have a sewing machine use embroidery floss and sew a blanket stitch (how to here) around three sides.)
  2. Download monster face templates and cut out felt pieces in matching colors.
  3. Add a couple googly eyes into the mix of felt pieces.
  4. Play activity and store pieces inside pocket when finished.

FREE MONSTER FELT FACE TEMPLATES: Click Here – Monster Face Templates



  1. Cute felt project, I liked that you made it into a pocket to hold everything. We’d have those pieces lost in a matter of minutes!

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