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My son is in love with all things Space. For his birthday he wanted to take a Space themed treat to school to celebrate. I came up with an idea to create the Space Shuttle out of Lifesavers and Hershey’s Kisses. For me this was better than baking cupcakes! It probably was better for the teacher too, who didn’t have to help a class of Kindergarteners unwrap their cupcakes and then clean up the frosting mess afterward.

Later this week I hope to post about the Solar System mobile we made and tell about his Space themed birthday party. So check back to see what cool space projects  you can make!

***NEW – I just added a separate download for a Rolo sized wrapper. See the free downloads below.

Space Party Treat


  • Lifesaver Rolls (I bought mine at Sam’s Club)
  • Hershey’s Kisses (at Sam’s Club)
  • Glue Dots
  • School Glue
  • White Paper
  • Color Printer
  • Silhouette Machine (optional)
  • Black Paper
  • Space Shuttle Treat Download

How To:

  1. Use a large glue dot to stick a Hershey’s Kiss to the top of each Lifesaver roll.
  2. Use a color printer to print out the Space Shuttle Treat Download and then cut out all the needed pieces. (If you have a Silhouette Cutter and Illustrator it will be easiest to download the file and open up the .pdf page of fins in Illustrator, then use black paper in your machine to cut out the fins.)
  3. Wrap the Space Shuttle paper around the Lifesavers and adhere the wrapper to itself by making a line of glue along the long edge and overlapping the ends of the paper. Hold in place for a few seconds to let it set, then put it aside to dry.
  4. Make a small fold on the long straight edge of each fin. Run a small line of glue along each (4) black line at the bottom of the space shuttle wrapper (see pic below) and adhere fins to wrapper. Hold in place for a few seconds and then put it aside to dry.
  5. Use as a treat at a space themed party or pass your Space Shuttles out at school on your birthday!


Free Download: Space Shuttle Treat Download

Rolo-Sized Wrapper: Space Shuttle Treat Rolo Wrapper Download




  1. How clever! My son would love these.

  2. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing the printable!

  3. These are darling!

  4. Love these. They would make cute valentines w/ a clever tag. Any way to get them sized for Rolo’s?

  5. This is adorable! Please note, though, that this party trest resembles the Saturn V rocket (moon rocket) as opposed to the Space Shuttle. Sorry…bit of a space geek!

    • Amy,
      You are right, it is modeled after a rocket and it doesn’t quite look like the space shuttle. I guess I should have called them Rocket treats!


  6. As an education specialist supporting NASA, I have to say that your How To was a hit around the office! In fact, we were trying to figure out how a similar template would work for the new rocket being designed, the Space Launch System. If you ever decide to design a new template for that one, we’d love to see it. We do a good bit of outreach for children, and are always looking for new ideas to make space science fun.

  7. One more thing, Alanna! I forgot to tell you that the Hershey kiss works great for the new rocket as well, as it perfectly represents the new Orion Crew Capsule that will sit on top. The flag of the Hershey kiss also works really well as the Launch Abort System! Love it…

    Animation of the new Space Launch System (SLS) –

  8. Hi, the link for the Rolo wrapper link does not work. It takes me back to this page. Could you please repost it with the template? Thank you.

    • Hi,
      Sorry for the delay. I just fixed the link for the Rolo wrapper. Thanks for letting me know the link wasn’t working! I hope you enjoy making these space shuttles!


  9. Thank you sooooo much for this idea and the printable! I used it for treats at a Cub Scout Pack Meeting Space Derby!!


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