How To | Toilet Paper Tube Kazoo

In honor of Mother’s Day I reached way back into the depths of my brain and thought of a craft my mom taught me to make. It is a super simple craft, but as a child I always got a kick out of creating these kazoos with a toilet paper tube. My kids were pretty amazed to realize it sounds just like a kazoo. You can get just a little creative (like my kids) or go crazy and glue on gems and add stickers if your kids are in the mood.

Next week I will feature another craft I used to make with my mom. Of course it is another craft that recycles items you already have at home. Funny, back in the day that was how crafts were made. I don’t remember my mom ever buying anything to make a craft, you just used what you had. Did the word “recycling” even exist 30 years ago? Hmm, food for thought.


  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Wax Paper
  • Rubber Band
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Scissors

How To:

  1. Decorate your toilet paper tube using crayons or markers. Get really funky and glue on gems or use stickers.
  2. Cut out a square of wax paper that measures 5″x5″. Lay the square over one end of the toilet paper tube and smooth the edges down around the tube. Add the rubber band over top of the wax paper to hold it on the toilet paper tube.
  3. Make a humming sound into the open end of the tube. See your kazoo is working already!


  1. What an adorable project! This is awesome and perfect for the kids! I really loved the materials you put to complete the features this kazoo. We did a DIY Kazoo project out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! :) DIY: Kazoos


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