Handmade Holidays | Fleece Animal Hat Pattern

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It is the first full week of November and I am kicking off my Handmade Holiday series with this adorable fleece hat pattern that is available for purchase! Wouldn’t your son or daughter love to wear one of these warm hats outside on a chilly winter day? Animal style hats are already really popular this season. This hat is worn similar to a hood to help keep their head extra toasty. Front flaps tuck easily underneath their coat to keep their neck warm and covered while they play. As you can see there is a lot of animal ear variations that can be done to create different animal styles. Lucky for you, all the ears shown here are included as part of the hat pattern.


You can purchase this pattern in my Store by clicking this link: Fleece Animal Hat Pattern.

Please note that this pattern is for personal use only. You may not sell this pattern, variations of this pattern or hats made from this pattern.

Check back in soon, there just might be a free downloadable hat pattern for your daughter’s special doll! Follow me on Facebook to stay up on my blog posts.



  1. Nancy Tempas says:

    How do I download the pattern I just bought?

    • Nancy, Did you get my email? – Alanna

      • Nancy Tempas says:

        Yes I did get your email with the pattern. Thanks so much. I only had a little bit of time to look at this morning, but I was wondering how to print the pattern. Is each page scaled to letter size paper?

        • Nancy, Yes it is scaled to letter sized paper. After you print you will see how you can lay the pages over top of each other and tape together. There is a line with marks that you line up. It’s easy I promise! – Alanna

  2. Dawna mavel says:

    I would like to buy this pattern. Will it be sent to me via email to download immediately after purchase? Thanks

    • Dawna,
      You should get an email link, but that has not been working consistently. So as soon as I see people purchased I have been emailing them the pattern. Thanks, Alanna

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