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Fleece Walrus Polar Bear

Meet Frosty the Polar Bear and Jellyfish the Walrus! My older son has been asking for a walrus stuffed animal for about a year now. I have been keeping my eyes open for a stuffed walrus, but this seems to fall on the odd side of stuffed animals that you can purchase. I am sure you can find one somewhere for a good sum of money, but that wasn’t in my price range. While searching for a pattern to make a stuffed horse I happened upon this fantastic book called Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals by Linda Carr. It showed a fleece stuffed walrus on the front cover and it also had a stuffed horse pattern! I made both the walrus and the polar bear from this book. The patterns (included with the book) are pretty simple and even a beginning sewer could make most of the items in the book. My son was completely thrilled to have his walrus (I wanted to save it for a birthday present, but I just had to give it to him). Jellyfish has become one of his favorite stuffed animals.

After sewing the walrus I decided to try the polar bear. Once I finished it my younger son laid claim to it, it was supposed to be a baby gift. So I had to sew another one, I actually sewed two more to give as baby gifts. The first polar bear I sewed using regular fleece. The second two I made using more of a fluffy cuddle fleece (found at Jo-Ann’s). I also modified the directions a little for the ones I made for baby gifts. I didn’t add the embroidery floss to the paws and I made the eyes out of black felt and sewed them on using a blanket stitch. I wanted to make sure they were safe for small hands and mouths and didn’t present any sort of choking hazard.

I have to tell you that this book offers a wide range of animals that you could sew for a variety of ages to give as gifts! Click on the link at the bottom of the post and go to the Look Inside! feature to see more of the animal patterns that you receive with the book. I’ve got my eye on the penguin and porcupine as animals I would like to try next.


  1. Your Walrus and polar bear(s) look so cute!

    I have the same book and sewed the walrus for my son recently.



    • Ramya, Your walrus is so cute in the blue color! My son is still in love with his walrus and it is always tucked in next to him at night time! Thanks for sharing!

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