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Feather Fascnitor Hair piece for wedding

My little brother is getting married this October! It has been quite a year for him (and his fiancé). He was diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome last Winter, which was caused by a tumor growing in his lungs, i.e. a rare form of lung cancer. The first half of this year has been spent in surgery, recovery, and chemo. We are all looking forward to the wedding and I have been working on some hair pieces for the bridesmaids (including myself). I am feeling fortunate to be included in their special day.

I am sure many of you would love to create your own beautiful feather hair accessories for your wedding without spending too much money. Here is a tutorial for you to follow. It really isn’t hard or expensive!

How To | Bridesmaid Feather Fascinator


How To:

  1. The Botanic Artistry Feather Spray has 5 feather groupings on it. Use your wire cutter and cut off one group of feathers (Pic. 1). Unwrap the brown tape from around the bottom of the feathers, so that the feathers are loose and can be separated.
  2. Choose two similar looking peacock feathers. Use your wire cutter and cut off the top part (the eye) of the feather (Pic. 2). Pull off a lot of the wispy feathers from along the sides of the feather stem.
  3. Layer the two peacock feathers behind the dark gold feathers from the feather group. Once you have your feathers all arranged how you want them, use the jewelry wire and wrap it a couple times around the feather stems (Pic. 3). Leave a long tail of wire to use for attaching the feathers to the hair clip.
  4. Use your wire cutter and trim the end of the feather stems so they are all even and end just below the wire wrap.
  5. Position your hair clip underneath the feathers (Pic. 4). Use the tail of wire on the feathers and wrap it around the top prongs of the hair clip. Trim off any extra wire.
  6. Use your wire cutter to clip off the shank on the rhinestone button. Glue the rhinestone button to the hair clip by adding a generous amount of E6000 glue to the base of the feather hair clip. Be careful that no glue drips onto the hinge of the clip or the other side. When you have the button placed, clip the hairpiece to a piece of wax paper and let it dry (Pic. 5).




  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing (stopping from Made by You Mondays link party) :)

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