How To | Gumball Necklace

I have to preface this post by stating that I did not come up with this project, I found it at One Charming Party. To see more stunning examples of these gumball necklaces please visit their blog here.

I decided to copy One Charming Party and make these as birthday treats for my daughter to take to school. Let me say making these is not for the crafty faint of heart. It takes some muscle and work to get the gumballs on a ribbon…

How To | Gumball Necklace


  • Gumballs (I bought mine at Party City)
  • 5/8 Satin Ribbon
  • Bamboo Knitting Needle
  • 70mm Plastic Wool Needle
  • Rubber Gloves

How To:

  1. Wear rubber gloves to keep the sugar coating looking nice as you handle the gumballs.
  2. Hold the gumball and pierce one side with Bamboo Knitting Needle. Insert slowly to avoid cracking the gumball. Next insert the knitting needle into opposite side of gumball. Repeat this step for each gumball.
  3. Cut a length of ribbon. Thread one end into Plastic Wool Needle. Thread needle with ribbon through gumballs.
  4. When all your gumballs are on the ribbon, tie a knot on each end of the gumballs.
  5. Tie ribbon ends together. I tied mine so the necklace could slip over my daughters head.
  6. I also created tiny jewelry tags that said, “Eat Me.” I was afraid it might not be obvious that the necklace is made of gumballs and not beads!



  1. This is a cute project! I’d love for you to submit it to the M&T Spotlight at

  2. I have a little grandaughter who would just love these.



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