How To | Felt Tooth Fairy Doll

My daughter recently lost her first tooth. We created this felt fairy doll with tooth pocket to hang on her doorknob so the tooth fairy would have easy access to her lost tooth. We worked together to choose the color of the fairy’s hair and dress. After I was finished sewing it all together she decorated the doll with glitter glue, stick-on gems, ric-rac and buttons. I am glad to report that the tooth fairy had no problem locating her tooth in the pocket and leaving my daughter a surprise. (p.s. this what a 6 yr. olds room looks like on the average day!)

How To | Felt Tooth Fairy Doll


  • Felt Fairy Doll Pattern Download
  • 2 – 8.5×11 Skin Tone Felt Sheets (we used off-white)
  • 1 – 8.5×11 Hair Color Felt Sheet (we used brown)
  • 1- 8.5×11 Gold/Yellow Felt Sheet
  • 1 – 8.5×11 Dress Color Felt Sheet
  • Scrap of White Felt (for tooth)
  • Matching Embroidery Thread for Each Felt Sheet
  • Poly-fil Stuffing
  • Sewing Needle
  • 2 Round Black Bead for Eyes
  • White Tulle (for wings)
  • 10″ Grosgrain ribbon
  • Sticky Velcro
  • Craft Glue

How To:

  1. How To | Felt Tooth Fairy Doll Pattern.
  2. Match up the front and back doll shapes and pin them together.
  3. Sew along the outside edge of your doll using a running stitch. Start sewing on the right side of the doll’s head. Knot one end of the thread and hide the knot between the two layers of felt. When you are almost all the way around leave an open spot the size of a couple fingers to put the stuffing through.
  4. Add the stuffing by pushing it in with your fingers. Make sure it gets in all the way into the legs and arms. Finish sewing the doll closed. Knot your thread and hide it between the two layers of felt. The doll’s hair will also cover your knots.
  5. Match up the front and back of the doll’s hair. Start on the right edge and sew using a running stitch along the top of the hair to the other side. (See picture 1)
  6. Then open the hair like a pocket and insert the doll’s head into the pocket. Arrange the hair to fit her head. Next, sew along the bottom of the front hair piece to attach the hair to her head. Make sure you sew through both the hair layer and the face layer of felt to attach the hair securely to the doll. (See picture 2)
  7. Sew the piece of ribbon in center of head. Sewn ends will be covered by crown.
  8. Position the crown on the doll’s head. Sew along the bottom edge of the crown through both the crown layer and hair layer of felt.
  9. Sew the dress by aligning the dress front side edges with the two back dress pieces. Sew along each side leaving the armholes open. (See pictures 3 and 4)
  10. Sew pocket onto dress and then glue on tooth shape.
  11. Put the dress on your doll. Add a piece of Velcro between the overlapping edges on the back of the dress.
  12. Make the doll into a fairy by adding tulle wings. Pinch the piece of tulle in the middle and place it on the doll’s back under the hair and in the open notch of the dress. Sew the tulle onto the doll’s body.
  13. Sew beads on to create eyes. Use thread to create a mouth and nose.
  14. Use the other items to decorate your fairy doll and make her magical.

Free Download: How To | Felt Tooth Fairy Doll Pattern



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